We are collecting Old Books!

Give back to the Library

College Students Welfare Committee is involved in the process of helping college libraries augment their capacity. For this reason the organisation is currently collecting books. The collection would be presented to the various colleges libraries in Assam for the benefit of the students community. We would be deeply grateful if you would participate in this exercise and contribute books for strengthening the college libraries in Assam.

How could you participate?

  1. By contributing old books to us
  2. By becoming a Programme Volunteer -A programme Volunteer would work with us in this programme and help the organisation with the collection of books. Programme Volunteers who would extend a collection of 10 and more books would be provided with appreciation letters

What books are we seeking ?

Since the contribution has to be made to college libraries, we are looking for books of the appropriate level.

We would be interested in works of fiction as well as non-fiction. Similarly, we would be interested in academic books.

We would however not be interested in refreshers, guide books an other such books.

We hope that we would be successful in securing your enthusiastic support towards collecting a substantial number of books.




Abhinav Borbora