About Us

College Students Welfare Committee commenced formal existence in the summer of 2016. The rudiments of the idea that eventually grew into C.S.W.C however began to emerge a few years before that. As a final year undergraduate student, Abhinav Borbora began to seriously contemplate forming an N.G.O to work for promoting and securing the concerns of the youth.

The different activities of the organisation are designed and pursued to fulfil the aforementioned vision. As such, the N.G.O works to create structural benefits for the youth through interventions and engagements at different levels of the society. A concomitant desire of the organisation is to harness the capacities of the youth and channelize it towards producing broader societal advantages.

Emergence of a community of youth that has egalitarian access to social resources and opportunities of progress marks the apogee of the agenda of College Students Welfare Committee.